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Ordering Instructions

We've updated our online ordering form! Please take a moment to review our new ordering form instructions.

1. Select your desired food for your catered event.

First pick your entree. We have a variety to choose from and we request that you do not pick more than two different types of entrees to serve at your event. Note that prices are listed as the amount they cost per person you are catering.

Next select one side or salad to serve at your event. As with entrees, these prices are listed as the amount they cost per person at your catered event.

The last steps are optional. If you wish, you can choose a vegetable dish, bread dish, and/or a dessert dish. You can also select whether or not you want us to supply beverages or utensils. Prices are listed as the amount they cost per person at your event.

We also offer full cakes. These prices are listed as the cost per cake (not per person).

2. In your cart, adjust the quantity of each of your items (except for cakes) to reflect the number of people at your event.

You can adjust the quantity of individual items by hovering over their name in your cart and clicking the "+" or "-" sign to change the quantity. For example, if you are serving 50 people at your event, your entree, side, vegetable, bread, dessert, beverage, and utensil items should be ordered for a total of 50 people.

3. Entered your desired delivery date, delivery location, contact information, and payment information.

Enter the desired delivery date by clicking "ASAP" and selecting "specific time". In order to have a successful order, the price in your cart must come out to $100+ and you have to specify the date/time you wish for your order to arrive.

Click "Order Now." If you want to save your information for future visits, feel free to sign in. If not, click the button to continue as a guest.

Enter your contact, delivery, and payment information.

4. Check you email inbox! You should have received a copy of the receipt.


If you have any questions or you don't hear back within an hour, please contact us at


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